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Savoury Restaurant, fully lightened up at Mosque Road, Frazer Town
Growing up, I always experienced the Holy Month of Ramadan as a simple affair with fasting from dawn to dusk and lots of giving and sharing. Ramadan in this country was synonymous to reduced office/school timings, prayers, setup of Iftar tents where free food was served, meant to be visited by the poorer section of the society, bachelors and travelers. I remember, Iftar being spread out not only by the government and organizations, but also by rich citizens in every nook and corner of the city. Dates, fruits, juices, harees and biryanis made their way in these tents. I also remember, exchanging Iftar platter with our friends and neighbors everyday.

Empire Restaurant, lightened up and having their own street food mela at Mosque Road, Frazer Town. Also, Empire is the biggest player across the city
But in Bangalore the scenario is bit different. Here, the city gets lightened up and street food mela comes live every year during this month. You can find these food stalls on the streets of Frazer Town, Kormangala, Bannerghatta, Jayanagar, Shivajinagar and Tilak Nagar. Foodies in Bangalore from all communities, especially hard core non veg lovers unlike me, throng these places in the evenings to savour on a variety of street food on offer.

Personally, I like to break my fast with simple Iftar menu at the comfort of my home. Last weekend, me and my husband decided to cover these street food fair for this blog and that's how we landed up there and had our first experience of Ramadan Street Food Mela. Though the rains this year had played a spoiled sport but nothing has stopped the stall owners and the foodies alike, business and food is at its peak in full glory.

Ramadan Dawat at Karama Restaurant on Mosque Road, Frazer Town, they have got various biryanis only for Rs. 95 along with other delicious food on offer
This post is basically a photo scroll post with captions and I'll not be blabbering much here. Hope you will enjoy and get to know Iftar treats in Bangalore...

All the below street food photos are from Jyothi Nivas College Road - Kormangala

Variety of Chicken, I tried only Kalmi and tandoori... thumbs up for the Kalmi

Rolls, rolls and more rolls, favorite among foodies

some gravy, I didn't try it

Pista House Haleem, boasting to be the best!!! also available at various outlets in Bangalore during Ramadan

Parathas to go with chicken and mutton liver gravy.... yummy it was

Various chicken seekh, kababs and samosas... I didn't had any 

mutton, chicken seekh.... various flavors, various taste...
Fishes n rolls

who can resist these colorful drinks after a spicy street food, faloodas and lemonades... unlimited supply

caramel pudding, gulab jamuns..... slurrp slurrp

no meal is complete without desserts, various halwas, kheer, phirni, shahi tukda, gulab jamuns, caramel pudding
Apart from the above, there were still so many foods available which I missed to capture. These include shawarma, biryanis, shami kababs, paththar ka gosht, variety of sea food, paya, nihari, keema samosas, baida roti, pastries, zafrani tea and the list just goes on. Have I captured all these, I wouldn't have got time to eat :P

So, if you are in Bangalore, you know where to head this Ramadan for gastronomical delight. And don't forget to carry cash specially the notes of 50s and 100s :P :P :P

How is Ramadan observed in your city? do mention it in the comment... I would love to get an insight of your Ramadan

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