Potato Stuffed Bread Rolls - My 3rd Guest Post

11:29 AM

aloo bread rolls
Hello friends, Ramadan is already halfway through and its a lovely weather here in Bangalore. The days are cool and calm and in the evening, as I deep fry the pakodas, samosas and papads for Iftar, the weather takes a u-turn with black clouds hovering around with heavy winds and a sudden downpour. A lovely aroma spreads the entire house and we have our iftar by the window side having the direct view of the outside rains. And today I'm sharing one such recipe of a deep fried snack which can be had piping hot in such a weather and also for your Iftar. Not only its easy to make and I love to have these but also that its a guest treat that I have given to the esteemed and very friendly blogger Lubna Karim of Yummy Food for her event Joy from Fasting to Feasting - VII and her readers. Hop onto her space for the recipe and more here......

aloo bread rolls
Thank you Lubna for giving me an opportunity to treat you for an iftar, hope you liked it.....:)

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