The Magical Sea World

6:12 PM

our dressing table converted into a magical sea world
It was a lazy Sunday afternoon and my five year old kid was getting bored not knowing what to do. I gave him a couple of options like drawing, playing some games on I pad or to go for swimming to keep him engaged, but he refused all that and kept lazying around. Just then, our door bell rang and there was courier guy with a pack from Colgate. All excited and with high curiosity to know what was inside, he unpacked it and was so happy to receive his favorite sea creatures card boards from Colgate. We both immediately sat down and had a good time for over an hour, as I got busy cutting across all the dotted lines and he started fixing them with the base. All along we also had a good read about some amazing facts printed on these wrappers. At an instant, he got himself fully lost in the magical sea world creating so many stories while he decked up our dressing table.

With the dressing table converted into a magical sea world, the unlimited stories began to unfold....

Once upon a time there was a little mermaid, her name was Princess Gold. Princess Gold had lots of friends like the cute fish, the smart octopus, the friendly shark, many star fishes, the dolphin, sea horse, sting ray, the lion fish, the crab, turtle, etc. Her friend puffer fish inflated herself like a balloon to show the spikes on her body to protect herself whenever there was a threat. They used to play together, sing and dance all day long. She used to eat sea snails and was having a very happy life with all her sea world friends in a beautiful surrounding. They also had a huge treasure hidden deep in the sea.

Then one day some pirates came there in a big ship in search of the treasure. They brought along with them a map showing the way to the hidden treasures. They started following the map to reach their spot as they were very impatient and wanted to get hold of the unknown treasures that no one had every seen or possessed. Princess Gold and her friends became very worried that what would happen now. They had a small meeting in which all of them decided they will swim near to the ship in large numbers and chase them away. The friendly shark agreed to take the lead followed by others. As they were still discussing it, the pirate's ship has already reached there in search of the hidden treasure. The shark immediately pounced on the ship and all others followed and finally the ship turned upside down and the pirates were drowned in the deep sea. Thus they saved their treasure trove and lived happily ever after.

As he was telling the story, I too was lost into the magical world of sea. It is indeed a fabulous idea by Colgate to bring out the imaginative side of our kids telling stories to us and creating a moment to spend quality time with them.

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