Mango Banana Fig Smoothie | Easy Smoothie Recipe

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mango banana fig smoothie
As usual, every body at home is bored of eating mangoes now and so it's my time to try out new recipes using them. I've already shared the recipes of Aamras and Mango Fro Yo a couple of days back and many more mango recipes are in queue.

Today I'm sharing the recipe of a very healthy and nutritious drink which uses all my favorite ingredients in one single glass. As the name says it all, it has mangoes, bananas and figs in it. As you drink it you will have some tiny bits of figs making this smoothie a bit crunchy.

Earlier I've shared the recipe of Fig Milkshake which is again a very healthy and yummy drink, which you can give a try.

mango banana fig smoothie

Mango Banana Fig Smoothie

Alphonso mangoes - 2, peeled and chopped
Banana - 2, peeled and chopped
Figs - 6-8, chopped
Milk -1-2 cups, chilled

Blend all the ingredients really well till smooth

Pour it in glasses

Serve chilled

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