Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash

1:32 PM

It was the year 2012 and my sister's wedding was just a few days ahead. Busy with all the wedding preparations from going out for shopping to giving invitations to family, friends and relatives, I was not able to have food at the proper time, most of the time I just skipped it.
Also, I was not getting enough time to take personal care of myself, odd sleeping hours and stressed out. One fine morning, I got up and Oooops what do I see - a pimple right on my cheek, so big and painful. I wanted to get rid of it immediately as there were only few days left for the wedding. But I did not know what to do, I felt so helpless as I wanted to look my best on the big day. All of a sudden my excitement died and I lost interest in everything as I was more worried about my look. I became depressed, gloomy and restless. I used to hide the pimple with my handkerchief while talking to others. And just in a matter of hours, what do I see? Another pimple coming up!!! 

Seeing my sudden change in behaviour, my cousin understood that it was all because of that big pimple appearing on my face. Without discussing with me anything she brought and presented me Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash. I was like, already I'm using a face wash and what's so different about this. She did not explain anything in detail and only advised me to use it and see the difference myself. I immediately washed my face with it and felt so refreshing and within 2 days of using it my pimple went without leaving any marks.  I felt so relaxed after that and was back with full energy and enthusiasm. On the wedding day I looked my best with my flawless glowing skin. 

Since then, I have been using only Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash and I have not suffered from pimples appearing anymore. It has even removed the earlier marks which was already there from long on my face. Infact, it has given me a single solution to take care of my facial skin from pollution, bacteria and excess oil secretion and keeping my face free from impurities and pimple free. I vouch for using it and would recommend everyone as a long term solution for glowing and beautiful skin!!!!

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