Mango Lemonade Recipe | Easy Mango Recipes

8:21 AM

If you are a fan of lemonades, then do try out this yummy Mango Lemonade and you will fell in love with it. It is a refreshing summer drink with loads of Vitamin C which is really good for your health. I love having Shikanji during summers, but if I get bored of having the same thing everyday, I just go for a change and try lemonades with different flavors. Here, I have used mango pulp, sugar and lemons, but if you prefer, you can make sugar syrup well in advance and refrigerate. Whenever you feel to quench your thirst, you can just stir it with any fresh fruit pulp and lemons, it gives a really good taste.

Mango Lemonade

Mango - 1 ripe, peeled and chopped
Lemon - 1, squeezed
Sugar - 1-2 tbsp, adjust accordingly
Water - 3 cups, chilled
Ice cubes - as required

Blend the chopped mangoes, lemon juice and sugar till it becomes a smooth puree

Put the puree in a large jug and add the chilled water. Stir and taste for sugar

Pour in individual glasses and add ice cubes

Garnish with mango pieces and mint leaves (optional) and serve immediately

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